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4 Novel Ways To Raise Funds For Your Cause

Are you tasked with heading up a fundraiser for your local church, school or other charity? Good for you! The world needs more caring people like you who want to make a difference in the lives of others and help out in their community. But if you’ve been involved in several fundraisers over the years, [...]

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2017 Jewelry Fashion Trends

This year is proving, more strongly than ever, that gold never goes out of style. Jewelry fashion trends across the globe show a clear preference for the precious metal, and it’s being used in a variety of innovative ways, including bold statement earrings and old-meets-new arm (and ear) cuffs. Here’s what’s hot and what’s not [...]

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5 Places You Can Find Money In Your Home

When you’re looking for ways to generate extra income, you often find them in the most unexpected of places. Your home is a prime example – it can be a real treasure trove if you know where to look. It’s simply a matter of identifying valuable but unwanted items and then selling them to the right [...]

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Why Women Are Selling Their Engagement Rings in 2017

Traditionally, engagement rings are a symbol of love's young dream. Whether you are still happily married, or things didn’t work out as you planned, your engagement ring doesn’t have to be an emotion-laden asset you can’t bare to part with. It could be a springboard to new success in life. Across the world, more and [...]

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An investor’s look at the future of gold

The year 2016 was a strong one for the gold market which saw high levels of investment worldwide. While 2017 is off to an uncertain start with concerns that the strength of the US dollar might limit gold’s appeal, analysts are predicting continued demand; retaining the precious metal’s relevance as a strategic investment. Let’s take [...]

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Four places gold is found other than your jewelry

The center of economies around the world for generations and a revered resource since it was first discovered, gold has been relied on for many uses throughout history. It continues to be found in a wide range of applications today other than the adornments we wear. The market price may fluctuate, but gold value will [...]

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What is the London Gold Fix and why should you care?

Though it may sound like something so far away from your daily life that it’s irrelevant, the London Gold Fix is important for anyone who’s looking into selling their unwanted gold. The international market price of gold is determined in London on a twice daily basis; 10:30 am, known as the morning fix and again [...]

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Prospectus: Demand for recycled gold set to increase year on year

Despite price fluctuations caused by the current waves of uncertainty in US markets, things are looking positive for gold sellers, buyers and the recycled gold industry at large. The value of gold is set to increase over the coming years as mines reduce their production and this bodes well for the recycled precious metals industry [...]

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What are gold parties and are they still relevant?

Remember those Tupperware parties of the 80s and 90s? While they were fashionable back in the day, they’re just not the way people buy or sell things anymore. And while you probably still have some old containers from way back in one of your kitchen cupboards, we’re sure you haven’t had a visit from the [...]

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Our gold exchange process in five simple steps

Are you in desperate need of a vacation? Need some extra cash for home renovations or to put towards your child’s college tuition? If your savings isn’t looking that great and that pay raise is a little too far on the horizon to meet more urgent demands, selling your unwanted gold jewelry through the Ross [...]

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