The over-mining of gold has had a devastating effect on the environment. According to, the gold produced for a single .33 ounce, 18 karat gold ring leaves at least 20 tons of mining waste. Metal mining consumes 7% – 10% of the world’s energy but employs less than a tenth of the worldwide workforce. In America alone, 41% of all toxic pollution is from the metal mining industry and the waste produced from it is nine times more than the garbage that gets produced from all the cities and towns in the country. These statistics do not bode well for the world’s eco-friendly gold mining aspirations.

Waste from metal mining doesn’t only consist of rock and dirt. More insidiously, it also includes the sulphide ores surrounding the metals that turn acidic when exposed to air. When it comes in contact with water, it will turn into sulphuric acid that releases chemicals such as iron and copper into water streams, rivers and ultimately the ocean.

While one would assume that large-scale mining operations are causing the most damage to the environment, the biggest risk to eco-friendly gold mining is, in fact, small-scale artisan mining initiatives which are more prevalent in the developing world. Helping these operations mine responsibly is currently a key focus point for the industry as a whole.

The metal and gold mining sectors are gaining an increasingly bad reputation due to the damage it causes to the ecosystem, water supplies, wildlife and surrounding communities. In many mining areas, indigenous people are displaced, affecting entire communities.

Taking a stance to make eco-friendly gold mining a reality

The reality of excessive mining has led to many gold jewellers and manufacturers pledging to commit to not only the sustainable sourcing of gold, but also even more environmentally conscious practices, such as the recycling of gold and other precious metals.

Many manufacturers are giving back to the environment by helping small scale miners mine responsibly and to ensure that they only source metals from sustainable operations. By buying gold from mines that invest in the surrounding communities and the environment, for example, gold buyers are investing back into communities and are reducing the effects of excessive and bad mining practices.

Measures to introduce eco-friendly mining

Another way to foster an eco-friendly gold mining culture is to buy recycled gold. Buying and selling gold means that you’re trading items that have already been mined as opposed to ploughing more money into an industry that is already causing damage to people, wildlife and the planet at large.

For many years, jewelers, manufacturers and gold buyers weren’t able to talk excitedly and passionately about mining because it’s been a scar on the face of the industry. Now, there are alternatives that can be explored to ensure that customers can buy beautiful jewels and pieces without adding to the problems caused by over-mining.

We’re bringing our part to make an impact

Ross Simons is a gold buyer that was founded in 1952. Over the last six decades, the company has grown into a thriving multi-channel retailer with a diverse, online brand that enables customers to sell their unwanted gold and jewelry online. Not only is this a quick, simple and efficient process, but it’s a safe way to get paid for your unwanted jewelry, while giving back to the environment.

Does recycled gold make a tangible impact?

In 2012, recycled gold from jewelry and electronics contributed to about 36 percent of the supply for that year, which means that recycled gold does make an impact on reducing the effects of excessive mining. So, if you’re thinking about selling your old jewelry, talk to us because our refinement processes use only environmentally-aware procedures and materials to refine unwanted precious metals.

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