According to the World Gold Council and the broader gold market, gold’s standing as a high quality, liquid asset in the second quarter of 2016 took a considerable upswing. Geopolitical and economic uncertainties fuelled western demand for gold over the last 12 months, while weakening consumer demand in the east. The Chinese gold market struggled as jewelry demand dropped by 15% due to sharply higher prices at a time of continued economic slowdown.

Moreover, Indian consumers’ demand fell by 18%. This led to US demand in the first half of 2016 almost matching the record full year demand of 2009.

During this period in the gold market, investment took the largest share of gold demand in two second quarters, with demand reaching 48% in Quarter 1 and 43% in Quarter 2. Other percentage share of gold demand was distributed among jewelry, technology and central banks as well as related institutions.

Here are a few quick insights from Quarter 2 of 2016 of the world’s gold market

  • The US gold price climbed 7% in Quarter 2, but the rise was punctuated by one or two minor dips.
  • 448t of demand was made in Quarter 2, which is the highest second quarter demand since 2010.
  • A wave of recycled gold flooded the market, drawn out by the higher gold price.

Gold’s value in light of the US presidential election

The surprise result of the recent US elections has contributed to a surge in gold prices, which was an unforeseen event for many experts in the gold market. The precious metal saw a surge of 4% to $1,316 an ounce during election day, which was off the charts for the usually stable commodity. Analysts from BMI Research think that the upswing will continue in light of the current uncertainty within the US political landscape.

Gold value

BMI asserts that, “The victory of the Republicans at the November 8th US Presidential and Congress elections will buoy gold prices in the coming days while dragging on other commodities. Looking longer term, this poses upside risks to our already bullish gold price forecast in 2017, but it does not materially change our views for other commodities.”

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