The year 2016 was a strong one for the gold market which saw high levels of investment worldwide. While 2017 is off to an uncertain start with concerns that the strength of the US dollar might limit gold’s appeal, analysts are predicting continued demand; retaining the precious metal’s relevance as a strategic investment.

Let’s take a look at what the future of gold has in store for buyers and sellers.

Because gold is resilient in times of pressure and can provide protection against inflation and currency devaluations, it’s a solid addition to an investor’s portfolio both in the long and short terms. Right now, the commodity is in a near-term price uptrend.

Investors looking to make top profits will want to keep an eye on price fluctuations over the course of the year to identify the best opportunities to sell their jewelry, coins and other forms of gold. Prices will be impacted by demand, which continues to grow.

According to the World Gold Council, demand for gold coins has surged since 2007. In the second half of 2015, gold jewelry experienced the highest demand in 11 years. The boom in Asian markets is a big part of this. Worldwide mine output is currently unable to keep up, meaning that large quantities of recycled gold are required to meet unfilled needs.

Economists believe that six major trends will further support demand, brightening the future of gold. These are: heightened political risks, currency depreciation, rising inflation expectations, inflated stock market valuations, long-term Asian growth, and the opening of new markets.  The trick for those who are thinking of investing is to monitor the gold market and sell when the factors are in their favor to make the highest profits. This doesn’t require having a personal gold broker or being glued to the Internet.

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