When you’re looking for ways to generate extra income, you often find them in the most unexpected of places. Your home is a prime example – it can be a real treasure trove if you know where to look. It’s simply a matter of identifying valuable but unwanted items and then selling them to the right buyers. And you might be thinking to yourself, “If I had anything of value in my home, I would’ve found and sold it years ago.” Not so fast. You’d be amazed at the value people place on things others chuck in the trash without giving it a second thought. 

1. Tableware

Many people pass right over their cutlery and crockery (and cookware, too) when they’re thinking about household items they could sell. But tableware and the like can often earn you top dollar. Check your drawers for unused silverware, collectors’ spoons, sets of China, trays and anything that’s antique and/or unique.

That Wedgwood tea set or Noritake dinnerware isn’t going to help you reach your financial goals by sitting unused in the kitchen cupboard. Put the items onto EBTH, eBay or Craigslist, and wait for the offers to come in. Remember, anything silver can also be sold for scrap.

2. Art

If you’ve got old art moldering in the attic, or the painting on your lounge wall no longer holds much appeal, consider taking it to a consignment store (EBTH is an option here again) or auction house and turning it into instant cash. Many people are surprised to discover that the canvas picture that has been passed down in the family for decades is a high-value item; it’s a good idea to ask an appraiser to take a look and determine how much it is worth before settling on a sale price.

Unlikely? Think again. Consider the story of the Van Gogh painting that was discovered in a Norwegian homeowner’s attic in 1991. After preliminary tests determined it was a fake, secondary, more intensive testing found that the Sunset at Montmajour piece was, in fact, authentic and is now valued at $50,000,000.

Old painting

3. Vintage clothing

Second-hand clothing has never been more popular. Today’s consumer is increasingly conscious when it comes to both budget and the environment, leading to a boom in used clothing. Chances are you’ve got a few stylish, timeless Coco Chanel or YSL pieces gathering dust in your closet, not to mention handbags and shoes.

As long as the items are still in good nick, you can sell them to a reseller (online or physical) and make back up to 50% of the original price you paid. If it’s antique or a designer brand, you can sell it to a high-end consignment store – just be sure to check their requirements first.

4. Vinyl records

LPs are enjoying a renaissance, and music-lovers are prepared to pay good prices for original records that are in good condition. If you have a crate of old albums that you’re unlikely to listen to again, why not exchange them for cash?

Second-hand music stores are generally happy to take them off your hands, but they won’t always give you the best price. Do some Googling to get an idea of what your vinyl is worth, and then consider selling it on eBay or another website. Virtually every American household has a piece of musical history stored in a forgotten box somewhere in an attic. If you’ve got one filled with names like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Miles Davis, etc. you could be sitting on a pretty penny. So what’s the most expensive record ever sold? That honorific title goes to The White Album by The Beatles, when Ringo Starr‘s personal copy (No. 0000001) was sold for $790,000. It might be time to take a trip to the attic this weekend.

5. Jewelry

By far one of the best sources of extra income. Gold and other jewelry items are often worth more than their owners realize. So, if you have a necklace that no longer reflects your taste, an earing thats lost its partner, an engagement ring from a very old flame, or a jewelry box collection of inherited pieces from a relative, it’s definitely time to do a little prospecting to determine its value. 

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