What our sellers say about us…

Thank you very much for the check. Now I wish I had sent more. LOL.
Eve in Arizona
This is my second time sending gold to your store. I am amazed again how quickly you receive, test and send the check. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you for your fine service.
Ellen in Massachusetts
I just completed a transaction with you and it went flawless. Thank you very much for your promptness, attention to detail and professionalism. I want to do business with you again.
Sylvia in Florida
I want to compliment your whole procedure – you made selling some old jewelry incredibly easy! I received a check for considerably more than I thought the items would be worth, and you guided me thru the process step by step.
I’ve been a very satisfied customer of yours for many years; you’re continuing to make me happy.
Rosemary in New York
Many thanks for your services! I will sing your praises to everyone!
Mary in North Carolina
Let me say thanks very much for the fast and efficient service. I am very pleased with the results. I have already requested a new mailing kit. I will heartily recommend your service to my friends and associates. I anticipated a first class operation from Ross-Simons and that’s exactly what you have provided. Thanks again and I look forward to receiving my check and sending another package to you in a few days !
Anne in Pennsylvania
Thank you for the opportunity to cash in some unused gold. I appreciate your excellent customer service also!!
Karen in Texas
I just got $215 bucks for selling the two rings from that African dating scam. Yah!!!
Jaclyn in Oregon
…I saw the video and amount of the check…Thank you; this transaction was an awesome experience! The customer service during this transaction has been outstanding, but I have to say it always is when I have dealt with Ross-Simons.
Marie in New Jersey
Just a note to tell you that your process, as with everything Ross-Simons does, was wonderful! My husband had his doubts, but I assured, and reminded him, you were a reputable company….after all, he had ordered gifts for me from you over the years.
It was quick, ethical, and transparent. Every detail was pre-established to assure customers of your credibility (from the postage-paid envelope, e-mails for tracking, the video, receipt of the check, and giving the customer time to accept/decline). Your “offer” listed every detail so that I could match it to the video and my own list. I was not sure if some of the items were pure, and your list confirmed that.
Thank you for another wonderful transaction!
Karen in Alabama
Thank you so much for answering my questions. It has been a pleasure working with your company. I have thought for a long time to sell my gold that I don’t wear or is broken etc, but I never trusted those TV ads. Your company works just the way you say on your sight.
I plan to send more gold in the near future. I just have to decide which pieces I want to part with. Since I have four sons and none would look good in any of my jewelry, I might as well sell the gold and give them the money…lol.
Thank you again for being so quick to get back to me from the time I sent in the gold until the time you told me how much money I would be receiving.
It has been a wonderful experience working with a reputable company.
Ellen in Massachusetts
…I am very pleased with the speed of the entire process, and very happy that so many of the items I no longer had a use for will be put to a greater use… I will go to visit my grandchildren…
Rosemary in Ohio
Just want to drop you a note to let you know how impressed I am with your system. It’s incredible!!! I will be sure to let family and friends know. Thank you so much!
Carol in Rhode Island
I have already requested another [kit]!
Joan in Florida
I sent the package yesterday and have already been notified of the check amount (over $5000!) I am extremely pleased at how quick and easy this was. Thanks again for all your help.
Billie in New York
Thank you so much, that’s a good deal for me already, since I don’t use them anymore, I might sell more soon. If needs arises. Thanks again.
Maria in California
I was very pleased with how this transaction worked..it was simple, efficient and I was more than satisfied with the offer made by Ross-Simons for jewelry that has been sitting unused in my jewelry box for years…
Joan in California