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Prospectus: Demand for recycled gold set to increase year on year

Despite price fluctuations caused by the current waves of uncertainty in US markets, things are looking positive for gold sellers, buyers and the recycled gold industry at large. The value of gold is set to increase over the coming years as mines reduce their production and this bodes well for the recycled precious metals industry [...]

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What are gold parties and are they still relevant?

Remember those Tupperware parties of the 80s and 90s? While they were fashionable back in the day, they’re just not the way people buy or sell things anymore. And while you probably still have some old containers from way back in one of your kitchen cupboards, we’re sure you haven’t had a visit from the [...]

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Eco-friendly gold: can we make a difference?

The over-mining of gold has had a devastating effect on the environment. According to earthworksaction.org, the gold produced for a single .33 ounce, 18 karat gold ring leaves at least 20 tons of mining waste. Metal mining consumes 7% - 10% of the world’s energy but employs less than a tenth of the worldwide workforce. [...]

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Gold market predictions indicate that it’s a good time to sell

According to the World Gold Council and the broader gold market, gold’s standing as a high quality, liquid asset in the second quarter of 2016 took a considerable upswing. Geopolitical and economic uncertainties fuelled western demand for gold over the last 12 months, while weakening consumer demand in the east. The Chinese gold market struggled as jewelry [...]

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What do the different gold color variations mean?

Many people are uncertain about what the differences in gold color means and how it affects the value of their jewelry. To make things more complicated, we also find the different karat ratings that vary from 10 to 24 karats. But what do all these different ratings and colors tell us about the value of [...]

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