What We Buy
Gold and other precious metals are selling at all-time highs this year. Search your drawers, jewelry box, safe, or safe-deposit box…. Have you lost any single earrings or earring backs? Are you saving a broken item for repair and just never got around to getting it fixed? Perhaps you received a gift of jewelry that you don’t like or is out of style, or was from someone whom you’d… well, rather not remember? Whether it is still usable or not, we will buy it! Why hold on to all that old, broken, unwanted jewelry… when you can easily, quickly, and safely turn it into Cash!
WE BUY… Anything made primarily of precious metals: GOLD, PLATINUM (and other Platinum Group Metals), and large STERLING SILVER items, or stamped 925 silver, such as flatware sets, tea sets, candlesticks, etc.
Examples of Items Made of Precious Metals:
Necklaces, Bracelets, Ankle Bracelets, Anklets, Belly Chains
Necklaces & Pendants:
Charms, Lockets, Pendants, Dog Tags, Medals, Medallions, Religious Jewelry
Bangles, Cuffs, Charm Bracelets, ID Bracelets, Gemstone Bracelets, Tennis Bracelets, Toggle Bracelets
Women's Rings, Men's Rings, Children’s Rings, Wedding Bands & Rings, Engagement Rings, Anniversary Rings, Eternity Bands & Rings, Mother's Rings, Class Rings, Rolling Rings, Braided/Woven Rings,  Toe Rings
Pierced Earrings, Clip-On Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Chandelier Earrings, Button Earrings, Stud Earrings
Brooches, Pins, Lapel Pins, Class/School Pins, Organizational/Service Pins
Men's Formal Jewelry:
Cufflinks, Shirt Studs, Tie Bars, Tie Clips, Tie Tacks, Collar Stays
Medical Jewelry:
Medical ID Bracelets, Medical ID Pendants, Pill Boxes
Personal Accessories:
Money Clips, Key Chains, Toothpicks
Body Jewelry
All Damaged, Broken, Scrap Jewelry:
Broken Jewelry of All Types: Broken, Kinked, Knotted, Tangled, Chains; Broken Links, Loose Clasps, Lobster Claws, Spring Rings; Loose Findings, Blank Ring Mountings without Stones; Single Earrings, Mismatched Earrings, Loose Earring Backs
                Investment Metals:
Bars, Bullion, Ingots, Coins - Domestic & Foreign


925 Silver, Dental Gold, Scrap Gold, Gold Flakes, Gold Nuggets
Sterling Silver Items:
Candlesticks, Knick Knacks, Trophies, Serving Pieces, Goblets, Flatware
Wristwatches, pocket watches (we pay only for gold, platinum, or silver cases & bands, not for the workings - regardless of brand)
WE DO NOT BUY… Items with little or no precious-metal content, with negligible market value. Examples include: Costume Jewelry, Gold Electroplate, Gold Electroplated or G.E.P., Gold Filled or G.F., Gold Plate, Gold Plated or G.P., Rolled Gold Plate, Rolled Gold Plated or R.G.P., Gold Leaf, Gold Overlay, Silver Plate, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Pewter, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tungsten. We also do not buy small Silver items of neglible value, such as small silver jewelry items. If we receive items which our tests show not to be gold, platinum, or silver, we will return them to the customer via First Class mail, and charge a $15 handling fee. We also don’t buy anything that isn’t appropriate for melting down - not priceless family heirlooms, nor items with profound sentimental value, nor museum-quality antiquities - all of which have intrinsic value beyond their precious-metal content. We are strictly law-abiding, and under no circumstances will we knowingly buy stolen merchandise.
The price we offer you is based on gold content, only. We do not return or compensate for any diamonds or other gemstones that are set in your gold jewelry. You are welcome to (and should) remove the stones before you send the item to us. If you do send gemstones, we may, at our sole discretion, return your merchandise if we determine the value of the stones to outweigh the value of the gold, but we are under no obiligation to make sure determination.



The following guide is provided to help identify which items have valuable precious-metal content. Customers do not need to determine the exact type of gold, platinum, or silver their items are made of - no need to clean, repair, sort or weigh items either. Just send them, as-is, to us. We’ll weigh and test them - under your watchful eye via webcam hookup - using the most accepted and reliable methods in the industry.
*      Gold items are marked based on the number of parts-per-24 of pure gold; for example: 24 karat gold is 24/24th’s (100%) pure gold, by weight. Gold is often alloyed (diluted) with other metals. (Gold alloys under 10 karat are unregulated in the U.S.) While pure gold is naturally yellow in color, gold alloys may be yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, green gold or other colors. White gold with rhodium plating is valued as gold; the rhodium content is negligible. Some gold jewelry designs incorporate multiple colors (two-tone gold, tri-color gold, etc), or multiple metals (gold with platinum or silver). The most common gold designations are:
*      24 Karat or Kt or K (24/24th’s gold), or 1.000 in Europe
*      22 Karat or Kt or K (22/24th’s gold), or .916 in Europe
*      18 Karat or Kt or K (18/24th’s gold), or .750 in Europe
*      14 Karat or Kt or K (14/24th’s gold), or .585 in Europe
*      12 Karat or Kt or K (12/24th’s gold), or .500 in Europe
*      10 Karat or Kt or K (10/24th’s gold), or .416 in Europe
*      Platinum items are marked based on the number of parts-per-thousand of pure platinum; for example: 950 Platinum is 950/1000th’s (95%) pure platinum, by weight. (Platinum items under 850/1000th’s pure platinum are unregulated in the U.S.) The most common platinum designations are:
*      Platinum or Plat or Pt (at least 950/1000th’s platinum)
*      950 Plat or Pt (950/1000th’s platinum)
*      900 Plat or Pt (900/1000th’s platinum)
*      850 Plat or Pt (850/1000th’s platinum)
Other “Platinum Group Metals” (PGM) are Iridium (Irid. or Ir.), Osmium (Osmi. or Os.), Palladium (Pall. or Pd.), Rhodium (Rhod. or Rh.), and Ruthenium (Ruth. or Ru.). Occasionally, platinum is alloyed with other platinum group metals, with markings like: 600Pt.350Ir., 550Pt.350Pd.50Ir., etc. (PGM alloys with total PGM under 950/1000th’s and platinum under 500/1000th’s, or other types of platinum alloys such as "585 platinum", "karat platinum", etc., are unregulated in the U.S.)
*      Silver pieces may be marked Silver, Solid Silver, Sterling Silver, Sterling, Ster., or .925 meaning 925/1000th’s (92.5%) pure silver, by weight. (Silver items under 925/1000th’s pure silver, and Coin Silver under 900/1000th’s, are unregulated in the U.S.) The most common silver designations are:
*      Sterling Silver or .925 (925/1000th’s silver)
*      Coin Silver (at least 900/1000th’s silver)
*      Vermeil (sterling silver base; surfaces plated with at least 10K gold) – vermeil is valued as silver; the gold content is negligible



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